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Fixtures & Results

Result not yet confirmed by the league

Results marked with this symbol are from the results line and may change after league confirmation.
All other results have been confirmed by the league.

East Sussex Football League Premier
Battle Baptists  1-0 St Leonards Social Matt GoldsmithBattle Recreation Ground>
4pm kick-off
Bexhill Town  0-2 Rye Town Paul HammondBexhill Road 1>
Ore Athletic  1-3 Hawkhurst United Mark BrowningTilekiln 2>
Sedlescombe Rangers  3-1 Robertsbridge United Javier Diaz EstrellaOaklands Park>
Sidley United  0-6 Hollington United Jonathan WhiteHooe Rec>
East Sussex Football League Premier
Hawkhurst United  2-1 Sedlescombe Rangers Owen RadleyThe Moor>
4pm kick-off
Hollington United  3-0 Ore Athletic Jason StorrieGibbons Field>
4pm kick-off
Robertsbridge United  1-2 Battle Baptists Bruce HughesRobertsbridge Rec>
4pm kick-off
Sidley United  5-1 Crowhurst Roy CheshireHooe Rec>
St Leonards Social  1-1 Bexhill Town Krystian Kaczala Tilekiln 2>
East Sussex Football League Premier
Bexhill Town  0-1 Sidley United Jonathan WhiteBexhill Road 1>
Hawkhurst United  3-3 Crowhurst Barry TownerThe Moor>
Hollington United  5-1 Robertsbridge United Paul HammondGibbons Field>
Ore Athletic  1-8 St Leonards Social Owen RadleyTilekiln 2>
Rye Town  2-0 Sedlescombe Rangers Javier Diaz EstrellaRye Salts>
East Sussex Football League Premier
Battle Baptists  1-3 Hollington United Paul HitchcottBattle Recreation Ground>
Robertsbridge United  2-1 Hawkhurst United Katie WildeRobertsbridge Rec>
Rye Town  4-2 Crowhurst Peter LindseyRye Salts>
Sedlescombe Rangers  1-2 Bexhill Town Aaron HarrisOaklands Park>
St Leonards Social  3-1 Sidley United Mark BrowningTilekiln 2>
East Sussex Football League Premier
Bexhill Town  3-0 Ore Athletic Javier Diaz EstrellaBexhill Road 1>
Hawkhurst United  2-4 Battle Baptists Andy WoolgarThe Moor>
Sidley United  3-3 Sedlescombe Rangers Krystian Kaczala Hooe Rec>
East Sussex Football League Premier
Hollington United  4-0 St Leonards Social Krystian Kaczala Gibbons Field>
Sedlescombe Rangers  1-2 Battle Baptists Paul HammondOaklands Park>
East Sussex Football League Premier
Battle Baptists  1-1 Rye Town Peter LindseyBattle Recreation Ground>
Robertsbridge United  3-1 Bexhill Town Paul HammondRobertsbridge Rec>
St Leonards Social  2-1 Sedlescombe Rangers Carl HolloboneTilekiln 2>
East Sussex Football League Premier
Battle Baptists   Sidley United Andy WoolgarBattle Recreation Ground>
Bexhill Town   Hollington United Owen RadleyBexhill Road 1>
Crowhurst   St Leonards Social Jessica StorrieCrowhurst Rec>
Ore Athletic   Robertsbridge United Bruce HughesTilekiln 2>
Rye Town   Hawkhurst United Jake WoodmanRye Salts>
East Sussex Football League Premier
Crowhurst   Battle Baptists Crowhurst Rec>
Hawkhurst United   Bexhill Town The Moor>
Hollington United   Rye Town Gibbons Field>
Robertsbridge United   Sidley United Robertsbridge Rec>
Sedlescombe Rangers   Ore Athletic Oaklands Park>
East Sussex Football League Premier
Crowhurst   Bexhill Town Crowhurst Rec>
Hollington United   Sedlescombe Rangers Gibbons Field>
Robertsbridge United   Rye Town Robertsbridge Rec>
Sidley United   Ore Athletic Hooe Rec>
St Leonards Social   Hawkhurst United Tilekiln 2>
East Sussex Football League Premier
Hawkhurst United   Robertsbridge United The Moor>
Ore Athletic   Battle Baptists Tilekiln 2>
Rye Town   St Leonards Social Rye Salts>