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Top Goal Scorers


Hatch, Philip Sedlescombe Rangers8
Embery, Scott Northiam 757
Atkin, Andy Bexhill A.A.C.5
Dovla, Doni Bexhill Town5
Booth, Michael Sedlescombe Rangers4
Cusden, Tom Sedlescombe Rangers4
Boyd, Dean Battle Baptists4
Pickering, Josh Battle Baptists4
Lindsay, Jamie Battle Baptists4
Burns, Charlie Robertsbridge United3
Barnes, Paul Robertsbridge United3
Coombes, Curtis Robertsbridge United3
Staplehurst, Adam Battle Baptists3
Fisher, Leon Hawkhurst United3
Mcgahan, Daniel Hawkhurst United3
Hempe, Gary Sidley United3
Edwards, Jay Bexhill Town3
Ham, Casey Hawkhurst United3
Johnson, Alan Northiam 752
James, Jon Northiam 752


Sayer, Liam Icklesham Casuals8
Cornford, Charlie Icklesham Casuals8
Williams, Kale The J.C. Tackleway7
Winter, Ollie Punnetts Town7
Bateman, Ryan Wadhurst United6
Pugh, David Icklesham Casuals5
Olorenshaw, Andrew The J.C. Tackleway4
Goodey, Tom Punnetts Town4
Nulty, Liam Herstmonceux4
Payne, Toby The J.C. Tackleway4
Harman, Matt Wadhurst United4
Vidler, Oliver Wadhurst United4
Barton, Benjamin Bexhill United3
Johnson, Patrick Punnetts Town3
Andrew, Tom Crowhurst3
Lee, Jacob Bexhill United2
Hayles, Dominic Bexhill United2
Turner, Danny Hollington United2
Fisher, Callum The J.C. Tackleway2
Ferguson, Kirk Punnetts Town2


Johnson, Reece Rock A Nore11
Atkin, Anthony St Leonards Social7
Martin, Kieran Peche Hill Select7
Hammond, Oscar St Leonards Social5
Norris, Oliver Battle Baptists4
How, Adam Battle Baptists4
Ramsden, Gavin St Leonards Social4
Driver, Billy-Jo Sedlescombe Rangers3
Warner, Jake Sedlescombe Rangers3
Cobley, Liam Sedlescombe Rangers3
Banfield, Daniel The J.C. Tackleway3
Higgins Gooch, Adam Battle Baptists3
Sinden, Dominic Little Common2
Matthews, Dale Battle Baptists2
Barden, Marc Sedlescombe Rangers2
Irving, Wesley Sedlescombe Rangers2
Macdonald, Niall Little Common2
Hollingsworth, Ben Battle Baptists2
Wright, Jon-jo Sedlescombe Rangers2
Thomas, Jake Sedlescombe Rangers2


Stuart Powell, Iain Bexhill Rovers10
Alais, Luke Bexhill Rovers9
Stephens, Matthew Bexhill Broncos9
Phillips, Mark Bexhill Rovers7
Downs, James Bexhill Broncos7
Macdonald, Thomas Victoria Baptists7
Mcgrath (oring), James Orington6
Nunes, Robert Bexhill Rovers6
Morgan, Charles Bexhill A.A.C.5
Darvill, Luke South Coast Athletico5
Easton, Connor South Coast Athletico5
Owens, Bradley South Coast Athletico4
Walsh, Craig Sandhurst4
Macdonald, Joshua Victoria Baptists4
Found, James Sandhurst4
Freeman, Bradley Bexhill Rovers3
Mcgurk, Dom South Coast Athletico3
Astle, Samuel Victoria Baptists3
Ighavvongbe, Patrick Victoria Baptists3
Ellis, Ayrton Bexhill Broncos3


Barker, Jake Hampden Park12
Smith, Tyler West Hill United8
Broom, Philip Sovereign Saints6
Mitchell, Reece Sedlescombe Rangers6
Underhill, Gary Sedlescombe Rangers6
Truman, Oliver Parkfield6
Funnell, Jordon Sovereign Saints5
Millar, Joe Northiam 755
Thompsett, Adam Battle Baptists5
Coles, William Hampden Park5
Savage, Jack Ticehurst5
Barker, Tyler Hampden Park5
Badrock, Phil Icklesham Casuals4
Tockas, Timotey Parkfield4
Beaney, Wayne Cranbrook Town4
Puttick, Chris Hampden Park4
Page, Adam Northiam 753
Manford Keen, Edward Sedlescombe Rangers3
Chambers, Charlie Parkfield3
Seavers, Todd Sovereign Saints2


Jackson, Connor Little Common16
Bundy, Jamie Welcroft Park Rangers10
Kavanagh, Nick Burwash6
Pierce, Aiden Hooe6
Lowes, Kelvin AFC Hollington5
Taylor, Lee Welcroft Park Rangers5
James, Patrick Welcroft Park Rangers5
Griffiths, Darren Hooe4
Blanche, Mark AFC Hollington4
Weller, Darren Welcroft Park Rangers4
Collier, Stuart Little Common3
Slayford, Sam Little Common3
Warren, Rhys AFC Hollington3
Wright, Grant Hooe3
Betsworth, Ricky Hampden Park2
Wheeler, Matthew Hampden Park2
Eyres, Curtis Herstmonceux2
Field, Attilio Little Common2
Harris, Jordan Little Common2
Estherby, Daniel Little Common2