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League News

Herstmonceux Football Club

We are looking for a new 1st team manager to join us at the end of the current season.

We also have an under 23 side. Applications are invited from Managers who have previous experience. The closing date is 30th April 2019


The successful candidate will be more than welcome to become involved in the running of the team with immediate effect in order to gain a greater insight into the challenge involved.


For more details please contact:

Malcolm York (Chairman) on 07759 163371 or 01323 832023


2019/2020 Season

THE East Sussex Football League is hoping to defy the national trend and encourage more teams to join for next season.  Nationally the number of teams across the country is falling, including many parts of Sussex.  Now the ESFL is looking to attract more clubs with the deadline for the 2019/20 season fast approaching.  League chairman Gary Wenham said: "It is no secret that we have lost clubs over the past seasons and that is always a pity. However, it appears to be a common theme across the county and at the ESFL we want to try and reverse that trend.  It won't be easy. People are busy and there are always other things to do but we are proud of our league and we want to remain a strong, local league across East Sussex."

The committee has been looking at various options which may encourage new clubs.

Gary said: "It won't be just accepting any team that applies, strict criteria does apply and we have to be convinced the application is a sustainable model.  We also have to comply with national FA league rules so we can't just change rules on the hoof as we may wish. However, we genuinely believe there remains a strong appetite for Saturday afternoon grassroots football."

Ideas already discussed include:

·   The possibility of varying kick off times to suit clubs

·    Working with partners to improve the standard of facilities and look at the costs involved

·    Reduced affiliation fees for a club to enter a second or third team into the league

·    Closer contact with youth leagues, especially under sixteens.

Gary said: "Nothing has been agreed but nothing is off the table. We are open to ideas and new initiatives."

For further details, contact secretary Kevin Bray at


Click on the flyer for further information. 

Sent to all Leagues and Clubs - from Sussex FA

As a result of Sussex County FA issuing Misconduct Charges recently regarding posts on Social Media, we would like to remind League/Clubs/Players of the following guidance to avoid any future charges being issued.

Whilst Sussex County FA accepts and embraces Social Media, we also need to remind users of their responsibilities. Participants are reminded that any comments/posts on Social Media which are improper, bring the game into disrepute, or are threatening, abusive or insulting may lead to disciplinary action being taken. This includes re-tweeting or sharing another persons’ post if the original content was improper.

Remember, what may be seen as ‘banter’ may also be seen as ‘improper’ and ‘not acting in the best interests of the game.’

Participants are required to act in the best interests of the game at all times and should be aware of this when using Social Media. Furthermore, participants are reminded that postings on Social Media which they believe to be visible to a limited number of selected people may still end up in the public domain and consequently, care should be exercised with regards to the contents of such postings.

An individual is strictly responsible for any posting on his/her account. Participants should take every care to ensure that others do not access their account. Any posting or comment made by a third party will not prevent disciplinary action being taken against the account holder.

We are seeing an increase in the number of Misconduct Charges issued relating to Social Media. This is not as a result of us monitoring Social Media directly, as this would be a full time job in itself! We only act upon complaints made to us, but there has been a definite increase in the number of improper posts on Social Media relating to football within Sussex. Social Media is a great tool for Leagues/Clubs/Players and we don’t wish to discourage its use, but we need to remind users of the responsibilities when using it.

If an individual is found guilty of an improper post on Social Media, then they are liable to a fine and suspension as if it was an on-field offence.